Study MBBS In Ukraine

Study MBBS in Ukraine for a Bright Career in the Medical Fields

Ukraine is getting an increasing attention across the globe for receiving medical degrees from there. There are many MBBS colleges offering various degrees in medical disciplines. Consequently, many students from around the world are coming here for getting their desired degrees in different disciplines in medicine, surgery, nursing and pharmacy. MBBS predominates over the others. The high feature of medical teaching, competitive tuition fee and low living costs have encouraged many students to come here and get a degree.

It is an undeniable fact that Ukraine is growing faster in the medical technology. It has received a significant growth and development in the last 10 years. Now it is interspersed with various reputable companies. Most of the colleges offering MBBS in Ukraine have over 20 years of experience in teaching medicine in English or French. Besides, there are some other institutions located in the other parts of the country are highly skilled in teaching Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy in English or French. Nothing can beat this country when the high-quality practical training in MBBS is compared with the others.

A significant number of Ukraine medical colleges are known worldwide for offering top quality training in both medicine and surgery.  MBBS program in Ukraine has been set for six years.   Needless to say, many colleges here offer WHO and UNESCO recognized MBBS degrees that help students boost their careers and find a job in different parts of the world.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for offering excellent quality education
  • A wonderful climatic condition which is conducive for studying
  • Highly focused on practical training
  • Highly qualified teaching faculty with years of teaching experience
  • Cutting-edge methods for developing practical skills of the students
  • Low living cost and easily affordable medical fee
  • Medical courses are recognized by the reputable medical councils of the world.
  • Standard of mode living, keeping pace with European lifestyle
  • English is the medium of communication and instruction
  • Students get a chance to participate in regular seminars and symposium held in different European countries and nations.
  • Ukraine has been offering one the best of the European transportation systems.
  • Special discounts on traveling that may range from 30% – 50% for the foreign students
  • Highly qualified and renowned guest lecturers from the USA, UK and Canada.
  • Foreign students are offered 3 months summer job at the time of vacations in the countries like UK, Canada, Sweden and other European nations.
  • Visa assurance for the deserving students and candidates.

Having all these significant advantages, many students come here from different countries. The statistics from different surveys have revealed that students come from more than 110 different countries to receive higher study in Ukraine.

A vast majority of the students come from Asia, especially from the countries like India, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.  The most important thing is that Ukrainian medical colleges work closely with many reputable Universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, and Austria. This allows students experience a global culture and participate in various international conferences, debate sessions, exchange programs and other scientific projects.